Nominee Services

With a view to securing your corporate and financial privacy and anonymity, we at PRUDENTER GROUP DUBAI will be able to provide full services of our own:

  • nominee shareholders
  • nominee directors
  • nominee company secretary

Each nominee shareholder appointed will sign a declaration of trust to the beneficial owner that they are holding the shares on behalf of the beneficial owner and will return the shares into the name of the beneficial owner or will transfer them to another party as requested. Likewise, the nominee Director will sign an agreement and will act as per instructions of the true owners of the company.

Upon incorporating a company (be it a new or ready-made, shelf company or a tailor made company), an investor can either act as a shareholder himself, or we can provide you with a nominee. Our appointed nominee shareholder will hold the shares and nominee directors will act and operate based on trust for and on behalf of the beneficial owners and only they will be identified on the register of shareholders and directors.

Please contact PRUDENTER GROUP DUBAI to learn more about this service.