Accounting and Administration

Accounting Services
As a matter of good practice and to satisfy the accountability of the accounts beneficiaries – the preparation of financial statements is deemed to be appropriate.

Our accounting services include:

  •  maintaining client books and records
  • acting as the official agent
  • producing monthly / quarterly / annual management reports with supporting schedules and notes
  • providing timely and complete information to the Company’s lawyers, auditors, and agents as required
  • directing correspondence with directors on performance and relevant issues
  • assisting in retaining legal, accounting and banking services
  • assisting chartered accountants in the preparation of their annual audit

Additional services required outside those listed above may be discussed.

Administrative Services
We offer our clients with a “Principal Place of Business” with services that include:

  • the provision of a dedicated phone line and P.O. Box for correspondence
  • providing a principal place of business and a principal point of contact
  • the provision of a seconded employee
  • the provision of a non-exclusive rental agreement, and
    • Mail and correspondence forwarding
    • Maintaining local and foreign bank accounts
    • Transferring funds as directed between designated accounts
    • Invoicing and collecting of receipts
    • Monitoring payments of expenses